• aff

    Earn Money Through Our Affiliate Program!

    How’s it going everyone? We are VERY excited to announce a shiny new affiliate program from our very own The Phoenix Orb website! Commission is…

  • dragonballs

    New Addition To Our Catalog!

    A new collection of Orbs are going to be available VERY soon in our catalog! ALL seven of them in a sweet looking treasure box for…

  • motherboards

    How Are PCBs Made

    PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board. Those are what we would call the “heart” of our Phoenix Orbs. Inside that tiny motherboard, there…

  • minisandmetals

    A Sneak Peak Into The Mini Orbs

    What’s cooler than the M series? The MINI series! The Mini Phoenix Orbs is a 3D printed pokeball that is available at a much affordable price…

  • m3christmas

    Celebrate Christmas With 3 Giveaways!

    The Phoenix Orb Project is excited to announce our Christmas Giveaway!   We’ll be running three giveaways to three lucky customers! That means triple the chance of…

  • REP & Premium: 7-9 weeks
  • Badges, Pendant, Battle Coins, etc.: 2-5 weeks
  • Metal Series: 20 Weeks