A Sneak Peak Into The Mini Orbs


What’s cooler than the M series? The MINI series! The Mini Phoenix Orbs is a 3D printed pokeball that is available at a much affordable price than the previous versions of the mini orbs. New designs and hardware have been fixed on the internal compartments to improve stability and functions. The minis, unlike the M series, will not have the ball open. However, the batteries are replaceable unlike the previous version of minis.

It is now available in made-to-order at our shop page (accessible through the menu on top). It takes about 2 weeks for production, and is guaranteed to reach your doorstep within 4 weeks.

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  • REP & Premium: 7-9 weeks
  • Badges, Pendant, Battle Coins, etc.: 2-5 weeks
  • Metal Series: 20 Weeks