METAL Phoenix Orb BATCH 3 PRE-ORDER (Pokemon Pokeball Inspired)


NOTE: THIS IS PRE-ORDER ONLY, as these are ALL HAND-MADE, and it will take approximately 20 weeks before they are shipped out. By ordering, you agree to the waiting time, as cancelling will disrupt this wave.

ONLY a limited quantity WILL BE MADE for this THIRD batch!
RED (similar to classic Pokeballs)
SILVER (similar to Premier Balls)
Comes with a signed Authenticity Card.

This new batch will be of a new and improved design Phoenix Orbs, with lighter overall design, better magnetic grip for the shells, improved functions added.

The METAL series is our premium line of ORIGINAL balls.
These are inspired by Pokeballs, but are NOT Pokeballs.

DETAILS of the METAL Phoenix Orbs:

Demo video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctjcEDqBwhI (as reference, as the 3rd batch is still in development)

Size: 8cm shell diameter (larger than the 7cm M-series)
Weight: ~400g (without battery)
Material: METAL
Button: Metal, brass
Functions: Click button > Light fades in > Light fades off. Sound effects.
Average time taken: 20 weeks
Ball opens? Yes
Batteries replaceable? Yes

Other toy mods and Pokeballs available!

The M1 Mod – Simplicity! Button click and the beautiful metallic button will glow beautiful red. Simply hypnotizing.

M3 Mod – Similar to the M2, a microcontroller chip makes the red light fade in, and the ball VIBRATES a few times, before the light fades smoothly back out. This simulates the catching sequence in the games and anime.

MINIs / Keychains – These 6cm Pokeballs are a little different than the M-series Pokeball. The shells are made from scratch but they’re just beautiful. Function for the MINIs are similar to the M1. Can be requested to get them as keychains.

Check out these other mods and Pokeballs from our shop!

Young or old, your Pokemon journey is incomplete until you own these stunning babies!


Additional Information

Weight 345 g
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 80 mm

モンスターボール (CLASSIC RED/WHITE), プレミアボール (Premier Ball WHITE/WHITE)

  • REP & Premium: 7-9 weeks
  • Badges, Pendant, Battle Coins, etc.: 2-5 weeks
  • Metal Series: 20 Weeks