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Pokemon Gym Metal Badges


Kantou (カントー地方)
Johto (ジョウト地方)
Hoenn (ホウエン地方)
Sinnoh (シンオウ地方)
Unova (イッシュ地方)

Pokémon Gym badges!
Want your own set of these brilliantly made metallic, gold/silver-rimmed gym badges?
What more could you ask for than to flash your proud metallic badges of the gym leaders you’ve defeated? =D

DETAILS of the Pokemon Gym Badges:

Size: 2.5cm in diameter
Weight: 6.7g (average)
Material: Metal
Average time taken: 6-8 weeks (pre-order)

DETAILS of the Display Cases:

Size: 8.7cm X 9.3cm X 9.3cm (Pokeball) / 16.9cm X 8.5cm X 10cm (Badges)
Step Width for Badges’ Display Case: 3.3cm
Step Height for Badges’ Display Case: 1.2cm
Case Thickness: Approximately 0.7cm
Pokeball Case Recommended for Pokeballs of 7.5cm in diameter.
Material: Polystyrene
Average time taken: N.A.
Check out our POKEBALL TOY MODS to complete your purchase!

Pin-style, so you can pin them on anything you can imagine. Hats, shirts, or jackets! Just like Red had on his!

UPDATE: Now comes with the option to get one with a DISPLAY CASE, also available to be bought by itself.
Get yours right now!

  • REP & Premium: 7-9 weeks
  • Badges, Pendant, Battle Coins, etc.: 2-5 weeks
  • Metal Series: 20 Weeks