Who Are We?

The Phoenix Orb Project (TPP) started around the late 2014, with just one catchphrase in mind: Bringing Life To Everyday Objects. We started off with just one, simple product to cater to the young and old fans of Pokemon. All the hype began thereafter.

Let’s talk about our initial products for a second. We looked up the net and saw several cool looking “orbs”. Most of them were just okay, but the one that caught our eyes were metallic and were probably manufactured. Seeing the ball lighting up made it seem realistic, but were a bit boring without adding a bit more “life” to it. So the Project began.

Prototypes Through The Years




  • REP & Premium: 7-9 weeks
  • Badges, Pendant, Battle Coins, etc.: 2-5 weeks
  • Metal Series: 20 Weeks